What’s your favorite part about being a parent?

I loved reading all the “least favorite parenting jobs!” I could relate to them all! But now I thought it might be fun to tell our favorite part of being a parent. Mine would have to be in those silly moments when you don’t have to be a “mom” but can just have fun with your kids. I love when we can all play and laugh together, and nobody cries, fights, or whines. (It’s a rare occurrence!) I also love any sort of spontaneous “I love you” from the kids. Halle used to tell me all the time that I was the “best mom in the whole wide world.” SO SWEET. And the other day at bedtime Josh came charging down the hall as fast as his little legs could carry him, threw his arms around my neck and said, “Love you mom.” Moments like that make all the other stuff worth it.
So what’s your favorite part of being a parent?

8 thoughts on “What’s your favorite part about being a parent?

  1. I’m new at the parenting thing, so mine is simple. I love after I finish nursing Jack and he is perfectly contented and he just lays his head on my chest and sticks his bottom way out and just snuggles with me. Ahhhh.


  2. so i never responded to the first q about the least fave part b/c in all honesty, it took me a while to come up with one…..but low & behold i have definitely come up with a least favorite chore of motherhood. hands down it's cleaning up throw-up. not because it smells, but b/c it's impossible to clean-up! we've shampooed our carpets twice this past week & there is still a hint of rotten puke in the hallway. ahhh…it's a good life.however, my favorite part would be, well, 2 favorite parts:1- avy's kisses in the morning, & she just learned about butterfly, eskimo, & puppy dog kisses, so we get those as well2- when she says “love you” back to me after i tell her “i love you”. granted it sounds more like “juss jew” but i know what she means 🙂


  3. I love tons of things so I might steal your post idea and post something on my own blog. Hope you don’t mind. One thing I love is when we have been out all day as a family doing something fun and on the way home all our kids fall asleep and you get to carry them all up to their beds. Travis and I look at each other and think…how did we get so lucky!


  4. What a tricky question! I love seeing their accomplishments and their geniune love towards eachother. I also love it when I have them all on my bed and we are hanging out on our own little love boat.


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