Hilton Head

Hi everyone! It’s Josh. The final day of our Southern States road trip was a ton of fun, and was probably my favorite out of the whole trip. We stated the day with a bit of a sleep in, intentionally skipped breakfast, and then headed over to Mrs. Wilkes, a southern homestyle dining restaurant. Mrs. Wilkes is in the basement of a residential house, and the line to get in was massive, it took us a little more than an hour and a half to get through. The dining was family style with about 10 people per table, meaning that we got to sit with strangers and meet them while we enjoyed delicious home cooked classic southern foods. The food was incredible, there were over 20 different southern foods like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, cornbread, collared greens, rice, and creamed corn. The fried chicken was probably the best I’ve ever had, the fresh cooked chicken in delicious breading was a hit for just about everyone else as well. We all filled ourselves until we couldn’t eat another bite, and that’s when they brought out the dessert. I finally got to try some southern peach cobbler that I had been craving all trip, but it honestly wasn’t that good, but it did have icecream on top which was a bonus. After we left Mrs. Wilkes we headed to a Forsyth park to relax and recover from the food coma we were all experiencing, and we checked out a cool fountain.

We then made the decision after about a day of deliberation to make the 45 minute trip to South Carolina so we could cross a 5th state off our list. We decided to go to Hilton Head Island, and Halle and I were put in charge of planning something to do and something to eat in order to have officially been to South Carolina. For our thing to do, I picked riding bikes along Coligny Beach Park which was a ton of fun. The sand was hard enough to allow us to ride on the actual beach rather than just on surrounding trails, and riding so close to the water was a blast. We were able to stop and dip our feet in the water, collect shells, and enjoy the breeze all while getting to explore a couple miles of the beach. (I think we biked 8 miles in total) Blake even found two Sand Dollars! This might have been my favorite thing we did all trip as the weather was perfect and I love riding along the beach. After the beach we rode over to dinner at [frog place] and had some good food and non-alcoholic daiquiris to officially check SC off our list.

After we returned the bikes we headed back to Georgia to take a ghost tour of the most haunted house in Savannah. The tour was pretty good, it was very spooky and our guide was very good, but it was a little long for my tastes for a relatively small property. I did get a bit of vertigo in one of the rooms where vertigo was supposed to be a sign of a ghost being there, but also I had been a bit nauseous all night and the vertigo did continue past just that room. Other people on our tour had plenty of paranormal experiences though (Mom got a few strange smells), and the history behind the house was cool too. After that we went back and packed for our flight the next day, and whatever happened with Survivor made many people upset (I opted for YouTube videos while everyone else watched). In all, I loved the final day of our southern states road trip and the experience as a whole, and would definitely go back to the south.

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