Grandparents weeks

The kids absolutely look forward to their alone time with Grandparents and cousins every year.  We feel so lucky to have amazing family who takes such good care of the kids.  They have the time of their lives while in Utah.  The night before we were leaving poor little Halle had a meltdown.  She was just so worried that she was going to get really sick again and I think she was worried to have me leave and feel like no one knew exactly what she was feeling or going through.  It broke my heart and made it so hard to leave.  I’ve doubted going on this trip several time, but I knew that her Grandmas would take excellent care of her and that she’d be in good hands.  We said a special prayer together that she would be able to manage while we were away and that she would feel well enough to participate in all the fun things that were going to happen in the upcoming week.  We both felt the Spirit and felt comforted to know that everything was going to be ok.  And she did have a fantastic time.  Only a few minor episodes of tummy trouble.  I’m so grateful for that! 

They did too many fun things to even remember them all, but here are the highlights:

Cousin sleepover with the Banks before the 24th of July. They decorated the tractor and scooters for the parade the next morning.  In the morning, the kids participated in the neighborhood 24th of July parade.  I don’t think any of them will ever forget this day.  There were firetrucks, horses, flags, and the kids got to throw candy from the tractor.  Josh and Bode rode scooters in front of the tractor, Bridger drove, and everyone else rode in the back.  The festivities continued all day and ended with fireworks that night.  Halle and Bridger got to light the fireworks, and I’m pretty sure that is a highlight of Halle’s life.  She felt so grown up. 

There was also swimming at the country club, tennis, making treats, playing the wii, riding on all the fun electric vehicles, trips to the canyon with cousins and much, much more. 

2015-07-27 08.00.402015-07-27 08.01.122015-07-27 08.01.192015-07-27 08.01.392015-07-27 08.02.15

2015-07-26 21.52.36

As if that weren’t enough, they had equal amounts of fun at the Cornell house!  Cowabunga bay, cousin sleepovers, Star Wars movie nights, going to see the big 24th of July Parade floats, loving on baby Simon, parks, Highland Glen.  These kids feel so loved and so happy when they are with their family.  It makes my heart just swell when I see the joy their family brings.  Thanks everyone for taking such great care of our kids.  We couldn’t ask to be part of a more loving, giving family.  So blessed. 


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