My sweet Josh

It was a week to remember, full of big moments for my sweet Joshie.  First up—the loss of his first tooth.  He has been waiting FOREVER to lose a tooth.  And from the look on his face, you can tell he is ecstatic. 

 IMG_0179 He also got to visit the lunch room and have hot lunch in preparation for 1st grade next year.  It was pizza day, so Blake and I decided to join him.  Let’s just say that my decision to pack cold lunches for my kids was reaffirmed at pizza day.  GROSS.


Next up, the Kindergarten Celebration.  The kindergarten class of 2013 regaled the audience with beautiful music such as “I like to eat apples and bananas,” and “I can’t spell hippopotamus.” Then we were treated to a slide show of all the fun moments from their year.  It was really sweet.  Josh, you are a little smarty pants and we are so proud of you!

 IMG_0394 IMG_0397

And last, but not least, SOCCER.  This little all star scored 3 goals at his big game!  The game has really clicked with him this season, and it is so cute to see his determination as he runs to the ball, plows down whoever is in his way (including his own teammates), and makes his way to the goal.  This soccer mom couldn’t be more proud 🙂


Breaking New: We have one more thing to add to this list!  Josh ditched his training wheels and is now a full fledged bike rider!  It only took him about 2 times before he was flying around the neighborhood.  He rode to the park the first day after he learned, and rode to the pool the second day.  What a stud! 

Josh leanrs to ride a bike

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