Some Really Cool M.O.Ms

Over the past 4 or 5 months I have had the opportunity to train for the Wasatch Back Relay race with 11 of the the coolest women I know. Our team name is “Mind over Mileage” or M.O.M. for short.  It has been so much fun running together and partying together.  (our hubbies say we’ve found way to many excuses to hold a party—kickoff to training, planning parties, get excited parties, etc)  I’ve found that it is way more fun and way more inspiring to run with friends than it is to do it by yourself.  You always have someone there pushing you to be better, and cheering you on when you reach your goals. Our team has trained and run all over the country—Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New York, we’ve run 10k races, 1/2 marathons, and marathons, and our collective shoes have probably logged 1000s of miles.  We are ready for this race! So….here are some of the highlights of our training season:

Mind over Mileage Chicks out for a long run Amber, Jarrie, Carrie, Susan, Amy and I out for a long run on the Coal Creek Trail.  Amber and I did 14 miles that day.  My longest run to date.

 2010 05 21_M.O.M.S. nighttime run_0788 2010 05 21_M.O.M.S. nighttime run_0799 Tara, Susan, Carrie, Jarrie and Jen.  Here we are practicing for our night runs.  We had to wear reflective vests, head lamps, and tail lights.  We ran 5 miles at 10 pm.  And see how speedy we are?  Yes, that sign says 14mph 🙂

Bolder Boulder Jen Tara Amber crop  Amber, Jen, and I after we ran the Bolder Boulder

3 a day runs totaling 21 milesNot only did we have to run a lot of miles, but we had to train to run multiple times a day.  So, this is the 2nd run of one of our 3-a-days.  We ran a total of 21 miles in 24 hours, which is exactly the length I’ll run in the race. 

DSC_1001 Me finishing a run on the beach during our California trip

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