Tiny Dancer

Halle’s very first dance recital was on Friday and she did great! I stuck her in dance only about 6 weeks ago, and she just LOVES it. I think her favorite part is the shoes. She does Ballet and Jazz and especially loves that she is in the same class as her good little friend Jenna. I am going to try and post video so if you only watch one, watch the Jazz dance–it’s my favorite. There were 30 (no,that is not a typo) dances in her recital, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and got more than one good chuckle out of the evening. Halle got an Outstanding Dancer trophy (everyone did) and flowers from her dad, so her night was complete. We are proud of you Halle girl!//www.youtube.com/get_player//www.youtube.com/get_player

7 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer

  1. How fun! Carly was in dance when we lived in Layton and she really misses it! (I haven’t started her out here yet.) Good luck with the new little one – pretty soon right?

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