Snow paint

We had a little snow storm this weekend, and the weather Sunday morning was just perfect for playing.  After the whole ordeal of finding boots, hats, gloves, etc we were ready to hit the snow!  Blake really enjoys eating the snow.  He’ll park himself in one spot and chow down.  The other two tried their hand at a snow fort, but this snow didn’t seem to want to stick together very well.  We climbed the fence and traipsed all around the winter wonderland golf course.  I’d seen a fun idea on Pinterest (yes, I get all my ideas from Pinterest) to make snow paint out of water and food coloring.  Everyone had a great time making beautiful works of art in the snow.  Next time we thought it would be fun to use kool aid and make our very own snow cones.  I just love spending these little moments together as a family.  It makes life feel complete!

IMG_3398  IMG_3402Speaking of snow, Rusty presented at Venture Capital in the Rockies again this year.  Thanks to my dear friend Jamie I got to go spend a night with him up at Beaver Creek.  I wasn’t able to see him present, but multiple people told me he was the Belle of the Ball. (not surprised)  He was the first presenter after the Governor opened the conference.  The Gov had made some comparison saying this conference was like the fashion show of the start-up world, and so when Rusty got up to present he strutted and did his little turn on the catwalk 🙂
We skied the next day.  Beaver Creek is just beautiful.  Long, wide open runs and tons of terrain.  Sometimes it felt like we were the only ones on the mountain.  It was an incredible, warm spring day and we enjoyed every second of it!


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