What’s your least favorite parenting job?

For me, it’s a toss up between bedtime, and bathtime, although if I had to pick one, I’d go with the bath. For some reason I just HATE giving the kids bath–I always end up frustrated, and they usually end up crying. Luckily Dad usually takes care of both bath and bedtime at our house. (Thank Heavens!)

So, my question to you is, Do you have a parenting job that you’d gladly give up? Share here!

14 thoughts on “What’s your least favorite parenting job?

  1. Bedtime, hands down. The first two have always been easy, but number three is a pistol (especially after having the freedom of being in a big girl bed).

  2. Changing diapers. It might be a little more pleasant if 1) Bayles pooped less than 3 times a day,2) Bayles didn’t scream the majority of the time while being changed. That and I hate the boring part of the day, which usually starts around 3:30 and goes till 5:30. By 3:30 I’ve just run out of things to do.

  3. I would have to say bedtime- Cannon is great and sleeps all night- Xander on the other hand- usually falls asleep on the bottom of our bed cause I can’t stay up with him any longer. He will watch movies, color, play with toys, and with out fail, jump on us and pinch and kick us- and kick the wall. It is so lovely! Please send any STRONG (and I guess safe j/k) sleeping pills my way-

  4. Since we only get to pick one thing I’ll say cooking…I do like to cook when I have time but I’m always in a hurry and always have to do it with four starving kids hanging on me so it’s something quick and I’m bored with the food already ya know.

  5. Bedtime! By that part of the night I am wore out and do not want to read to them and put them to bed, but when I do and they repeatly get up and I can hear them running back and forth. Hours later they are still awake after the engery I invested -ruffles my feathers! I really really want a tranquilizer gun – I would pay big money for it too.

  6. HA HA,it is funny to hear everyone else’s dislikes…I was disliking bedtime for a long time until I changed things up. So, now I would have to say it is mornings, when Ryder wakes up WAY before we want to and wants a sippy cup and tells us to wake up and pulls blankets off of us, and opens up our eyelids until we have no choice….kids, so annoying!!

  7. Man that is way too hard to choose just one but if I have to the one killing me right now is that I hate getting the kids rounded up and in the car! especially when we are trying to get them to school on time!!!

  8. I’d give up getting the kids off to school. One of them likes to leave early (hates to rush) and the other one likes to wait until the last minute. They go to the same school, same grade. So one of them is always complaining that we are leaving too early or too late – there is no winning. We argue all the way to school and the day starts off on a bad note. That’s my least favorite parenting job!

  9. I’m just looking through your blog from the blog frog…

    The fact that you hate giving your kids a bath made me laugh because I bath my kids to entertain them. THey’ll play for an hour at least while I get other things done. I can sit and read a book or sit in the door way and update my blog. I’ve been known to bathe my kids 3 times a day. In the winter…

    I guess we’re all different.

    I hate aruging with my 4.5 yr old who is super smart and very verbal. I love him so much and sometimes I think he misses the point.

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