So, some exciting times at church today. Our ward got split. We have been growing like crazy, but we still thought it would be a while until the split. But out of the blue today they announced we were splitting that day. Now instead of the Lafayette ward we are the Coal Creek ward. One of the reasons we split was because the primary had 170 kids. But, the way they split they probably only took 10-20 primary kids, but then it took almost all the YM/YW. I think we are left with about 3 YM. I guess Rusty’s calling is going to be pretty low key from now on….
I was hoping that maybe this meant I would get released from nursery (We have 3) but I think we only lost a couple of nursery kids so I think I’m stuck.

One more funny story from our house. I have to back track just a little. About a month ago Rusty was saying that maybe he would like to finish our basement by himself. I kind of chuckled at this, because although I don’t doubt his abilities, we both have a pretty short attention span when it comes to home improvement projects. Case in point–my friend Joanna has built this really cute bookshelf that hangs on a wall (kind of like a magazine rack) and I wanted to do one for our toy room. After much begging Rusty finally helped me out and we got it about 1/2 way done. Then about a week later we did a bit more, and then finally another week later we were finishing up. (the project should have only taken 2-3 hours tops) Well, Rusty was drilling the anchor hole into the wall when I hear “Oh Crap, Oh Crap!” I ran into the toy room only to see water gushing from the wall. Rusty had drilled right into the water line. By the time we got the water turned off the toy room was soaked and water was leaking into the basement. Luckily we got it all under control without any major damage. But, I don’t think Rusty will be finishing the basement anytime soon…..

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  1. That is so fun. I wouldn’t even ask Brett to do that kind of stuff because although he is a smart guy he isn’t smart in all area 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving. Kami

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